i was looking for the original track but this is spookier wow this is great

The Bird and the Bee - Heard It on the Radio
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wow i haven’t heard this in a long time

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They’re called Voca People and they cover the history of musical genres in five minutes. Dude.

K.K. Slider - Want You Gone
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Want You Gone (covered by K.K. Slider)

Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory - Reconstructing More Science
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I think volume 3 is my favourite shhhhh

this song almost always makes me cry ldfkjsafdj THE NOSTALGIA

"The Second Star to the Right" from the 1953 Walt Disney classic Peter Pan

久石譲 - The Legend of Ashitaka
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Song: Ashitaka Sekki (The Legend of Ashitaka)
Composer: Joe Hisaishi
Performed by: Joe Hisaishi & Various
Album: Princess Mononoke (Image Album)

This version contains an erhu which is not heard in the original!


UGHHH can Joe Hisaishi’s scores be the soundtrack for my life please?

rebloobing for matylda


Evelyn Evelyn - Have You Seen My Sister Evelyn

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You! Me! Dancing!// Los Campesinos

Danger! High Voltage// Electric Six

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music post why not

Beer// Reel Big Fish


Shit, let’s have some relaxing music

Le Champagne by Trentmoeller